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How Will the Loss of Net Neutrality Affect Small Business?

Net neutrality, a measure imposed by the Obama administration, is the principle that internet service providers (ISPs) must treat all data on the internet the same, and not charge differently by user, content, platform, or application. Under net neutrality all websites had equal access to the internet, and service providers were unable to block, slow down or upcharge specific websites or content – which was great for users of streaming services (like Netflix) and for users of high-data sites (like Amazon).

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) repealed net neutrality in December; the fear now is that internet service providers will begin to discriminate based on bandwidth required, causing popular sites to become slow, forcing those sites to pay more for equal speed, or hindering access altogether.

The repeal has outraged representatives from 21 states, including New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who is leading a lawsuit against the FCC. Continue reading “How Will the Loss of Net Neutrality Affect Small Business?”

Do I Need a New Website?

Websites are essential to many aspects of business today; most importantly, staying in touch with and relevant to your customer base, expanding brand awareness, leveraging greater exposure to potential customers, and utilizing sales through e-commerce.

Businesses without websites, or those that have websites that lack certain stylistic and practical elements, suffer from lack of exposure and brand legitimacy. A website that was created five, or even two or three, years ago may be outdated, especially with the emphasis on mobile browsing and e-commerce, which have greatly changed the online marketplace.

You may need a new website or may be due for updates. Sometimes, even newly designed websites aren’t adequate to meet your business’ goals. Take a moment to review your business’ website. Here’s some factors to consider when deciding whether you need a new website: Continue reading “Do I Need a New Website?”