Our Approach to Web Design, Web Development, Optimization and Promotion

For Your Impact Online offers a wide variety of web design, web development, optimization and promotion services to Long Island and New York-based organizations.

Our team members at For Your Impact Online are some of the most creative, enthusiastic and dedicated people you will ever meet…exactly the kind of people you would like to collaborate with. Most important, we bring our clients RESULTS and help them GROW.

If you partner with our team, we will take the time to:


1. Learn your business

  • Learn as much as possible about your organization and target audiences
  • Determine your specific needs, goals, objectives, challenges and aspirations
  • Clearly identify your competitive advantage and unique selling proposition

Armed with those insights, we will be ready to proceed to the next step…


2. Research your business

  • We will initiate extensive market research
  • Conduct competitive analysis and gather competitive intelligence
  • Review effective designs and examine industry-leading websites
  • Evaluate highly impactful content strategies and develop search engine optimization strategies to help propel you ahead of the competition.

Once your website is finalized and content developed, we proceed to programming…


3. Branding and logo design

Some of our clients are well-established businesses with long-standing logos. Others are new businesses or start-ups that rely on our team for powerful branding strategies. Also, there are companies and organizations seeking to refresh, redesign or redevelop their brand. We cater to every need of every client and take into account their specific objectives throughout the whole development process.

Our staff will work with you and your team to come up with eye-catching new logos and modern and enhanced designs that better reflect the value, impact and importance of your products or services. The end result is a user-friendly, captivating and extensively tested site that generates high quality leads while properly representing your organization.


4. Site navigation and website design

We create customized, modern, innovative and affordable web development solutions for clients. Our experts will work with your Account Executive to develop web designs that include the site, navigation layout and other functional features.

Some of our clients are seeking to establish simple, professional, clean-looking online presence.  Others are striving to develop and maintain more complex and sophisticated websites, with hundreds of pages of content, information and resources.  For these clients, we develop a content management system allowing them to edit and manipulate content on their own…even with minimal training or basic technical skills.

We provide web design services for a wide array of clients in a variety of industries. The clients who benefitted from our collaboration include professional service firms, corporations, non-profits, retailers, governmental agencies, restaurants, tourist destinations and many others.


5. Programming

Our programming staff is well versed in all the latest programming techniques, standards and platforms. In short, our team will bring your website to life utilizing HTML, PHP and CMS systems, including WordPress and Drupal. With your input, we will select the programming platform most suited for your site with the goal of reducing programming time and minimizing costs.


6. Content strategy

Our content development team will develop compelling and impactful content strategies that will help you get your message across, successfully engage your audience and build your image.

Furthermore, we believe that our clients should be able to easily change, modify or manipulate content on their website. This way your team will be in control and regularly share their thoughts, insights and ideas with your audiences. With the inclusion of content management system, your staff can also manage your Blog, Photos, Videos and News WITHOUT knowing how to use HTML.


7. Search Engine Optimization and submission to search engines

As your site nears completion, our staff of seasoned SEO professionals will work to ensure that your site has all the crucial On-The-Page and Off-The-Page SEO techniques to maximize your ranking and drive more traffic.

For more information about our SEO techniques and services, see our Search Engine Optimization page.


8.  E-commerce

Let’s face it: for busy consumers, time is of the essence. With e-commerce, things can be done quickly with just a few simple clicks. No need to get out of the house, drive your car to a far-away store, or stand in line.  E-commerce simplifies your life by allowing you to shop from the comfort of your home, anytime you want. In addition, it curtails the cost of labor, delivery and promotion.

When it comes to e-commerce, we create a customer-friendly experience and let buyers safely transmit information via internet. Remember, site abandonment rates are exceedingly high for e-commerce sites that lack SSL certificates. Result? Lost revenue. Unhappy customers. Damaged reputation.  To avoid this scenario it is essential that you have an SSL certificate protecting your customers’ personal information, which should be encrypted while it is transmitted.

We develop effective websites for online retailers, as well as retail outlets with brick and mortar sites and help them exponentially increase their profit margins.

  • Our goal is to ensure that e-commerce sites simplify the buying process and alleviate security concerns that are prevalent among shoppers.
  • We will protect your e-commerce site using SSL certificates to accept credit card information without any security risks. SSL certificates are integrated with the credit card processing system, CC gateway, EC gateway, PayPal and
  • We offer integration with major shipping companies including FEDEX, UPS and USPS

This is your opportunity to join efforts with a team of e-commerce experts and sell your products online using the best solutions that fit your needs.